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Unifor committed to defending human rights and combating racism

On March 21, 2019, the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, we pause to reflect on the inherent structures of power that advantage some over others. We also use this opportunity to recognize our union’s work in undoing these discriminatory frameworks and move forward to achieve an equitable society for all.

Built on a history of settler violence and colonialism, our efforts as a nation towards truth and reconciliation leave much to be desired. Going beyond lip service, Canadian policies must allocate adequate resources and funding for programs and services to meet the needs of Indigenous communities, including access to clean water and quality housing. Violence against Indigenous girls and women, and the innumerable lives lost to and impacted by this, demand our attention as a nation.


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Unifor reports productive talks with GM on Oshawa jobs, suspends public campaign

TORONTO — Unifor says it has suspended a media campaign against General Motors amid productive talks with the automaker on the future of the company’s assembly plant in Oshawa, Ont.

The union says the company has been clear it won’t extend vehicle manufacturing at the Oshawa plant beyond the end of the year, but that there is potential to transform operations to maintain some jobs.

Union president Jerry Dias, who sat down Tuesday with senior GM officials in Detroit, said a deal could be reached within weeks while declining to offer details.

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Proposed Ontario health agency set to de-stabilize public healthcare

TORONTOFeb. 26, 2019 /CNW/ – Ontario’s largest union in the private sector expresses deep concern for the proposed amalgamation of healthcare oversight and delivery into an unaccountable partisan agency.

“First, Minister Elliot claimed that this bill didn’t exist. Now, this secret agency is just as damning in the light of day as it was when public sector whistle-blowers first released it,” said Naureen Rizvi, Unifor Ontario Regional Director. “Workers see this agency for what it is: an attempt to bring in privatization through the backdoor and reward the Conservatives’ corporate friends.”

If adopted, the bill will shift decisions about more than $60 billion of Ontario’s public spending and healthcare delivery to a small board of unelected, partisan appointees.

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Unifor proudly recognizes Pink Shirt Day

Unifor proudly recognizes Pink Shirt Day, an annual event on the last Wednesday in February where Canadians across the country come together to support the important commitment to a safe, harassment-free environment at work and school.

Pink Shirt Day began in Berwick, Nova Scotia in 2007 when David Shepherd, Travis Price and a large group of students decided to defend their peer who was bullied for wearing a pink shirt. In a show of solidarity, they, and many students turned up to school the next day wearing pink shirts.

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OPSEU & Unifor members to Ford government: ‘We’re ready to ramp up the fight’

TORONTO – Workers represented by Ontario’s largest public and private sector unions have joined forces to deliver a message to the provincial government: if priorities don’t shift in the provincial budget, we’re ready to ramp up the fight.

Unifor and OPSEU members from sectors and regions across Ontario are at Queen’s Park this week to meet with Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) and present a vision for well-funded public services and decent work in Ontario.

“Despite all the rhetoric and slogans, Ford’s policies have been anti-democracy and anti-people,” said OPSEU President Warren (Smokey) Thomas. “But political power comes from the people. It’s why we’ve joined forces; our unions know working people’s priorities, we understand that a strong economy depends on cooperation between the public and private sectors, and we support one another.”

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Tell Doug Ford Today: Stop the leaked Omnibus Bill


The Ontario Legislature reconvenes on Tuesday. We have 3 days to reach our local Members of Provincial Parliament, the Health Minister and Doug Ford to put on the pressure to stop the leaked omnibus health care legislation that would privatize and restructure our health care services. 


Please share this email with everyone you know and ask them to take a few minutes to send an email or make a phone call.  

If they hear from thousands of us, it will give them pause.


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Warning that Leaked Health Care Omnibus Bill Would Create Health Care Chaos: Longstanding Leaders of Organizations Representing Patients, Care Workers, Doctors

Toronto – Academic leaders, democracy advocates, patient advocates, front-line care workers and doctors are all
speaking with one voice when it comes to the leaked health care omnibus bill that has secretly been planned by the
Ford government for months: if passed, it would cause health care chaos that will last for years. Speaking at a Queen’s
Park press conference this morning, representatives called on the Ford government to rethink their plans; to rebuild
capacity in our public health care to meet population need and consult with Ontarians in a proper and meaningful
democratic consultation process about the future of our health care system, rather than engaging in massive
restructuring and privatization.

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Warning that Leaked Health Care Omnibus Bill Would Create Health Care Chaos: Longstanding Leaders of Organizations Representing Patients, Care Workers, Doctors
Ontario’s looming health care reforms are being rushed through to limit public scrutiny, critics say

Ontario’s looming health care reforms are being rushed through to limit public scrutiny, critics say

The Ford government’s looming health-care system “transformation” is being rushed through with little explanation to limit scrutiny by the public, the Ontario Health Coalition charges.

Citing confidential draft legislation and other documents leaked to the New Democrats indicating elements of the plan — including the creation of a new “super agency” to run the medical system — have already been approved by Premier Doug Ford’s cabinet, the lobby group is warning of “chaos” for patients.

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Black History Month Unifor members speak on activism

Each week throughout Black History Month we will profile a members from across the country, highlighting their activist contributions and those who inspired them. Arlette Magbity is a young, passionate activist who has been working for Suncor Energy Inc. since 2013. She is a member of Unifor Local 707a in Fort McMurray, Alberta. The eldest of four siblings, Arlette’s mother is from Rwanda, and her father hails from Sierra Leone. She has travelled extensively in her childhood, due to the nature of her father’s job. This experience has made her very versatile, equipped her with a thorough understanding of diversity and instilled in her a deep appreciation for different cultures.

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Black History Month Unifor members speak on activism