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Major Protest

We need to take action as though our public health care is in grave danger. Because it is. Monday, September 25 MAJOR PROTEST 12 pm Noon, Queen’s Park Main Legislative Building DOWNLOAD PDF The […]

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Day of Mourning 39th year

Fortunately, prevention is within reach. Workplace hazards created by poorly designed work and excess work demands can be rectified. At WHSC we know quality training is a critical step towards awareness and prevention.

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End Gender Based Violence

End Gender-Based Violence

UNIFOR Locals 195, 240, 1973, 2027, and 2458 invite you to join us for a Vigil For a Day of Remembrance and Action to END Violence Against Women to remember and honour the lives of the 14 women murdered at École Polytechnique in Montreal, simply because they were women.

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Privatized Health Care

Hospital Emergency

Ontario Health Coalition HOSPITAL EMERGENCY Town Hall Meetings Our public hospitals are in an unprecedented crisis. The Ford government has done substantially nothing to help them. Instead, they have funneled millions into for-profit corporations

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Bursary Winners - Unifor

2022 Bursaries – Winners

We are Very Pleased to announce the Bursary Winners! And we’d like to thank all of the applicants.

Selecting 3 was extremely difficult but most importantly it showed us that we have a generation of strong, hardworking individuals that care about others and we can trust them to carry on the Women’s Movement

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