October 16, 2017 – Lisa Gretzky in Solidarity with Strike

Thank you, Lisa for speaking at Queen’s Park on behalf of our striking workers at Medical Laboratories of Windsor.

“Today I rose in solidarity with the 90 employees of Medical Laboratories of Windsor who have been on strike since October 2nd.

Even though the staff of Medical Labs of Windsor are highly trained and have specialized skills, they are paid the lowest wages of any publicly funded private labs in Ontario. To put this in perspective, lab workers in Windsor’s hospitals, who perform the exact same jobs as the staff as Medical Labs of Windsor, make almost twice as much in wages. And while Medical Labs of Windsor receives public funding, this privately-owned company claims they cannot pay their workers a living wage.

The Liberal government has continued to allow corporations to put profit before people, and it is hurting our workers and our community. We need to stop the privatization of health care in Ontario, and the staff of Medical Labs of Windsor need a fair and equitable deal, so they can get back to work and continue to provide the vital health care services our community depends on.”