Day Of Mourning

Today marks the National Day of Mourning to honour workers who have been injured or died because of their employment.

The slogan for the Day of Mourning, “Mourn the Dead. Fight for the Living” reflects the need to remember those who have lost their lives.  This also contains a strong reminder of the need to press for improvements in health and safety in our workplaces, ensuring that workers are protected from the workplace hazards that lead to preventable, needless deaths, serious injury or illness.

More than ever, the role our Union plays in narrowing the gaps and inequalities in health and safety have never been more important.  Local 2458 is committed to protecting our members’ health and safety, because one is too many.

As we reflect on the importance of the day, our Union will collectively pause to remember:

Harvarinder Singh Powar, Local 101R
Dan Sevcik, Local 199
Charanjit Parhar, Local 111
Marc Russell, FFAW-Unifor
Joey Jenkins, FFAW-Unifor
Marco Carretero Ovalle, Local 1999
Lawrence (Larry) Kendall, FFAW-Unifor
Arthur Manalo, Local 303
Ron Karmody, Local 36-X
Charles Ryan, UFAW-Unifor

May they never be forgotten.

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