Tell Doug Ford Today: Stop the leaked Omnibus Bill

- February 15, 2019


The Ontario Legislature reconvenes on Tuesday. We have 3 days to reach our local Members of Provincial Parliament, the Health Minister and Doug Ford to put on the pressure to stop the leaked omnibus health care legislation that would privatize and restructure our health care services. 


Please share this email with everyone you know and ask them to take a few minutes to send an email or make a phone call.  

If they hear from thousands of us, it will give them pause.


Urgent message to all members and supporters and Ontarians who care about safeguarding public health care for all:


You likely have heard in the news about the leaked omnibus health care bill that the Ford government has been working on for months in secret. That secret was blown wide open in recent days as a civil servant who was obviously deeply concerned, leaked draft legislation to the Official Opposition.


NDP Leader Andrea Horwath gave the legislation to the media, enabling the public to see it. Then, a few days later, the NDP revealed a second set of documents that made it clear that the Ford government has been working on this for months, had taken decisions to Cabinet and despite the Health Minister’s attempts to deny and downplay it, had signed off on the plan and had created the holding company to create a new Super Agency with brand new expanded powers to privatize, contract out, and create mega-mergers of our local health care services.


We owe a enormous debt of gratitude to the courageous people who brought this secret legislation to light.


The leaked legislation is huge. It covers 262 hospitals, 629 long-term care homes, all of home care, more than 1,000 clinics, community health care, Cancer Care Ontario, Health Quality Ontario, Trillium Gift of Life (organ donation), eHealth, and a whole raft of other health services. The legislation will require amendments and repeal of dozens of pieces of major health care legislation in Ontario.


All of this has been written and moved forward with no public consultation whatsoever.


In fact, the leaked documents show that the government’s plan is to push it through the legislature and a few weeks later begin the process of putting the services out to tender. Their plan is to race forward at breakneck speed, before the public can possibly catch up with what is planned and before anyone can mount and effective opposition.


The bottom line? If passed, this legislation will put our health system in turmoil. For-profit companies will be allowed to take over large swaths of our public non-profit health care services. Our local hospitals and local services will face amalgamation in mega-mergers that cost billions of dollars, taking money away from care, destabilizing the workforce and centralizing services forcing many to drive further and all of us to suffer worse overcrowding and waits.


You can help to stop this dangerous and undemocratic piece of legislation. Please send an email today or at latest on the long weekend to Doug Ford and your MPP. It’s easy! You can do it here:


Click here to email the Ford government and tell them to stop health care privatization and the omnibus health care bill.


Click here to call Health Minister Christine Elliott. 

(Thank you to the Council of Canadians for the quick phone web page.)