Medical Laboratories of Windsor – ON STRIKE

Medical Laboratories of Windsor – ON STRIKE

- October 18, 2017

Approximately 90 Medical Lab Assistants and Medical Lab Technologists, represented by Unifor Local 2458, are currently on strike at eight Medical Laboratories of Windsor locations.

What’s at issue?

Medical laboratory testing used to be provided directly by the government. Since these services were contracted out to for-profit labs, including Medical Laboratories of Windsor, wages for lab workers working outside the hospital system have fallen steadily while the cost to the system has increased.

These members are performing highly skilled, technical jobs that provide vital medical information for patients, yet many are making half of what those doing the same job in a hospital are paid.

For the first five years of service Medical Lab Technologists earn $22.00 an hour and Medical Lab Assistants earn just $13.50.

Medical Laboratories of Windsor employees have been working without a contract since March, 2017.

The workers did not make the decision to strike lightly. They care about the patients they serve but the time has come to stand up for fairness.

Let Medical Laboratories of Windsor know you want the workers to receive fair wages and respect!